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What are Industrial parks and its importance in the Economy?

A section of the city designated for industrial use is known as an industrial park. These areas cannot be used for residential purposes. Ports, oil refineries, distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing units are frequently found in industrial parks. The majority of industrial parks are located in places with favorable conditions for industrial activity. Additionally, industries are entitled to tax breaks for locating their corporate headquarters in the designated industrial park. Generally, industrial parks are designed on the outskirts of the city.

Transportation, storage, and production may eventually be combined in one site at industrial parks. Airports, chemical factories, steel mills, food and beverage processors, and plastics producers might all be affected. For instance, an industrial park next to a significant port will have access to a railroad and multiple freeways, which will serve as important channels for the movement of trucks and other large, heavy vehicles that transport commodities. We can also find cold storage facilities, engine part manufacturers, and distribution warehouses, among other types of businesses in industrial parks.

Primary Features of the Industrial Park

  • A city neighborhood that has been zoned, designed, and earmarked for industrial growth is known as an industrial park.
  • A business park or office park, which may include offices and light industry, is similar to an industrial park.
  • Companies that offer manufacturing, transportation, and storage services, such as chemical plants, airports, and beverage producers, may be found in an industrial park.
  • Industrial parks can be helpful in bringing together businesses that offer complimentary services and features.
  • Due to increasing pollution and the potential for toxins to harm the grounds and surrounding region, industrial parks frequently cause environmental concerns.
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How Industrial Parks Operate

Production, transportation, and storage facilities can all be found together in industrial parks. This can include steel mills, plastics factories, chemical plants, airports, food and beverage processors, and so on.

The Importance of the Industrial Parks in Economy

Any country’s consumption and GDP depend upon the business, and if a particular country has a good number of industrial parks and industries and that particular country’s dependencies on other countries will be lower and it will emerge as a superpower with time.

Generally, an industrial park provides empowerment to lots of people and they also help in growing the city as industrial parks are generally situated outside the city, so new city or development comes near the industrial parks. Industrial parks can be designed to group complementary features and services for the advantage of the businesses using the property. Commodities and finished goods can be transported to important industrial hubs through ports for distribution. The industrial park’s cranes and other large lifting tools are utilized to transfer the cargo to trucks and railroad wagons. In the industrial park, there are warehouses where the cargo can also be kept. Manufacturers who are located in an industrial park with port access can easily get the supplies they require to make their products.

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Disadvantages of Industrial Parks

Industrial parks have their detractors, despite the advantages they offer. Some contend that due to the large concentration of potential polluters, all but a handful of the most committed eco-friendly developments are actually extremely detrimental to the environment. Power plants, incinerators, and wastewater treatment facilities are examples of the kind of industries that frequently locate in industrial parks. Each of these facilities has the potential to produce a significant amount of potentially toxic waste, and they frequently face strong opposition from neighbors and property owners.

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